Dreams of Working at Home…My Journey – Day 1

A little background about me, I’m 33, a wife and mother to two beautiful boys, a five year old and one year old. I work full-time as a bookkeeper & operations manager at a prestigious hair replacement salon in Birmingham, Michigan. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I have a flexible schedule which is great because it allows me to be there for my boys when they need me. My husband plays the role of stay-at-home-dad. He works as a real estate agent, so most of his work is done in the evening or on the weekend. The arrangement works well for us, but it can be challenging at times.

Although I am thankful for my job, flexibility and the ability to earn a living to provide for my family, the thought always dwindles in my mind…..is there a better way? Is this the life God wants me to live? Let’s explore that thought for a moment. I believe in my heart that God put each of us on earth for a reason, a purpose, a destiny to fulfill. Is mine working 40 hours a week, rushing home to prepare dinner for my family, giving the kids baths (maybe take one myself..haha), doing the dishes, cleaning the house with very little time to actually enjoy being with my family? I know I am not the only one who feels trapped in this cycle. I speak with other working moms and they have the same struggle of trying to juggle mommyhood, work and somewhere in there maybe a personal life. My guess is this is not the plan God had for us moms.  I think He would want us to be with our kids and taking care of our homes. I think He would want us to have a close relationship with our husbands and children and not be stressed out all of the time.

The question is….how do I accomplish this?

I love being creative, finding old home decorations or furniture and refinishing them into something beautiful. However, with very little “me time” I don’t get the opportunity to pursue this hobby as much as I would like. But, I keep thinking maybe it would be possible to turn this creative hobby into a business venture. Maybe I can work from home refinishing and selling home furnishings so I can spend more with my kids and have a more balance in my life. So, that is my plan. I cannot leave my current job right now, but I am hopeful that in the coming months, or years, having a desk job will be a thing of my past.

In addition to my creative talent, I am lucky to have a mom that shares my love of refinishing home furnishings. She comes up from South Carolina every summer and stays with us. It is great!  I tend to cut my hours back in the summer at work so I can spend time with her and the kids and we have a heck of a time garage sale shopping, Craigslist searching and bargain hunting for old furniture that needs new life.  We have sold our pieces on Craigslist, Ebay and even through my Mama’s Mustard Seeds Facebook page. We have done pretty well as far as selling our pieces. Although, I have to believe there is a larger demographic that would be interested in purchasing our pieces.

So, my journey begins. Can I make a good living off of my hobby? Lets give it a whirl! My first step was to create this blog about my journey and hopefully get my Mamas’s Mustard Seeds name out there as a Refurbishing Furniture Guru ;). Now, I just need to start making money so I can leave my desk job.  With God’s grace, I think I can do this!


5 thoughts on “Dreams of Working at Home…My Journey – Day 1

    • Mama's Mustard Seeds says:

      Wow! South Carolina! My Mom loves it there and we love it too :). Thanks for taking the time to read my post & comment! It means more to me than you know :). I will take a look at your blog too fellow baby blogger :). Thanks for your support!! 🙂 -Jessica


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