Upcycled Mini Wreaths

one mini wreath mini wreaths

Here is a mini-blog, just for fun!  So, one day I was bored and felt like crafting, but I didn’t feel like going to the craft store. (I am a working Mom, and time is a hard to come by these days 🙂 ).  So, I thought…hmmmm…I have some unused picture frames, an old beaded necklace, and a red sweater that I no longer wore…so let’s put it together and make some decorative mini wreaths!

Step 1: I disassembled the frames by removing the inner parts (in this case a plastic sheath where the pic would go).

Step 2. Cut my previously loved red sweater into 1.5″ strips & disassembled my previously loved teal necklace I hadn’t worn in a year.

Step 3: I got my glue gun out and started wrapping the strips of sweater around the frame and placed a bead of glue at each point of the sweater strip that met until I covered the entire frame.  I cut the remainder strip and made sure the end was securely glued.

Step 4: I glued the beads into a decorative flower design.

Step 5: I took some burlap twine I had in my craft bin and tied it to each of the frames leaving about a 5″ distance to the knot at the top to allow enough room for hanging.

Voila! Upcycled Mini Wreaths using items from home!  Let me know what you think everyone! I would love to hear what everyone thinks! 🙂


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