Fun Gift Box Idea!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I found this great box from my fave store, Target for $5.99. I love Floral prints lately!!!  Being the thrifty person I am, it seemed a bit steep for a decorative cardboard box, but I was in love!!!! It gave me inspiration to fill it with cute gifts for our Gigi who turned 92 this past Sunday!!! I really wanted to do something outside of the box that would make her feel loved and special on her day :).

Gigi turned 92 on March 1st, along with my Dad and my Uncle.  All on the same day! How cool is that! 🙂

Anyways…….time to fill this Fab box with items a 92-year-old beautiful woman would appreciate!!! 🙂

All items were purchased from Target of course! This Mom loves a ONE-STOP-SHOP!!

I purchased some Shea butter cream for her hands, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, nail polish (Gigi always has her nails did 😉 ), and her fave candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Of course, I had to spice things up a bit and fill a jar I saved with the  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I added some twine around the neck of the jar & tied one of these cool vintage keys I have been dying to use. (Thanks Pinterest!).  I have a slight obsession with old keys for some reason!! 🙂  For the top, I didn’t want to keep the boring lid, so I took a cupcake liner and glued it to the top. Voila! Upcycled Candy Jar!


Next,  I propped the items up with some tissue paper I had on hand and used some Easter grass to fill the spaces between each item. I thought this was so cool & I am thinking of doing more of these gift boxes for other family members & friends.  Maybe even selling them? This particular one I would sell for $40.


What do you all think??????????? I’m curious to know if anyone else is as excited about these gift boxes like I am!!!!



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