My Journey……Dreams of Working @ home….Post 3

So, I got a little side tracked….I had so much fun with my new blog!! I love posting, sharing ideas, and thoughts! I also enjoy reading everyone’s blogs as well! It’s like a whole new world out there!!!

I’ve been having fun posting the last two posts, more like, “how-to” posts :).  One about my mini wreaths & the other on my gift box. I have to admit, I’m a little addicted to WordPress and my newfound Website :)!!!

I just want to stay on track here. During my journey, blog posting, and dreaming…. I came across some new inspiration and direction for my dream of working at home.

I do love refinishing furniture, but I want to add to this. When starting this whole process, I created a page on Facebook called “Mustard Seed Designs”. I wanted to showcase our projects to friends, family, and the world! 🙂  I later changed my name to “Mama’s Mustard Seeds”.  I had this vision of a dream to share not only furniture projects, but a multitude of crafty ideas such as: Crafts, Home Décor, Recipes, Blog posts on DIY projects, and what ever else strikes my fancy :).

So here we are as “Mama’s Mustard Seeds”. Not just one “seed” or idea, but a variety of creative passions! :)..

My next goal for myself is to start a fund to fuel my business. We all know to start a business, it takes money!!! As I stated before I had a thought to sell my pieces in a consignment shop. I checked out one right by my house and their fee is 50% of the sale!!! I’m sure they are justified in doing this as they have a lot of overhead to pay for, but my start-up business can’t afford giving away 50% of my profits!! So, off to plan B!

I’m going to smart small, just as a mustard seed does ;).  Since it is winter here in the beautiful state of Michigan, I’m going to start selling some other items that are hand crafted, that I can make in the coziness of my warm home. When the weather turns, I can start my larger, furniture projects once I can work outside again & my Mama is here to assist me with our projects and the kiddies :).

So, for now, Step 1: Make some crafty indoor projects & sell them on Etsy!!

As you may have seen, I posted these decorative mini wreaths that were red & teal.  I’m going to list these very soon to begin my Mama’s Mustard Seed Business Fund! I will let you know how the selling goes!! 🙂

mini wreaths


4 thoughts on “My Journey……Dreams of Working @ home….Post 3

  1. nancymacmillan61 says:

    Good luck! I am trying the same thing here in Canada. I have found the same situation with the local stores. But…it was pointed out to me 1 item in a couple stores will give your name some exposure. I am going to try this. Please let me know how Etsey goes….I would like
    to try too. Any shared advise is good. Thanks so much


    • Mama's Mustard Seeds says:

      Hello Nancy! Thanks for commenting! It’s nice to know another person on the same journey :). I tried a listing on Etsy, no such luck yet with a sale. Although what I am really finding is doing well for me now for building a following/customer base is Facebook. I’ve developed a page through Facebook and I have received over 200 likes now since I started. This is from friends, friends of friends and other networking sites. I’m trying to keep it local to start to avoid shipping, but we will see how it grows! I just sent you a Facebook friend request, so feel free to message me anytime! Would love to help, share ideas, etc. Good luck to you too!!! 🙂

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