My Journey…….Continues ;)

Hello Everyone! It’s been a bit since I posted….. work has been busy….booo! LOL. JK. I am thankful to have a job that pays the bills! Can’t complain!! I have just been itching to craft & create!!! Even though the first day of Spring has passed, we had some snow showers yesterday, here in Michigan!!! Yikes!!

As far as my journey goes, I have officially listed an item for sale on my website & the Facebook page I created for Mama’s Mustard Seeds.  Birds are sooooo trending now, which is awesome!!!! I kind of do my own thing & don’t pay too much attention to trends, but it’s cool to know what I made last year is a hit! Birds are a classic! They never go out of style!!! 🙂 Just sayin’ :).  I posted this on my previous blogs, but here it is again, just for a visual:

bird dresser

This baby is in my bedroom now, but we just got a king-size bed and I need to move some things around and redecorate, so off for sale it goes!!! I’m hoping to sell it locally, but could possibly deliver depending on the location. Wish me luck everyone!! I’m asking $399, but if I don’t get any takers, I’m willing to negotiate.  Hey, I love a good deal too!! 🙂

The Facebook page now has 223 likes thanks to my Mama & friends and family who like, share, and comment on my page!! Thanks everyone!!! The contest is still going on until May 3, 2015. Anyone who likes the page, enters to win a free Bird Mirror. Birds again? I know, I am a little obsessed ;). The contest is an excellent way to build followers. My cousin and I are actually going to record a live video announcing the winner of the contest! I better get a tan on this face of mine so I don’t scare away people with my ghostly white skin! LOL 🙂

No luck with my Etsy Posting. I’m thinking the wreaths are a stinker. They were fun to make, but they don’t have much of a purpose. I think I’m going to try another item I made in tribute to our Uncle Rick who just recently passed. He may be my lucky charm!! 🙂 We miss you Uncle Ricky, just saying :(.  I will definitely make some more of these so we all have a little something to remind us of his legacy. I am probably going to paint some birds on it too, go figure!! Here it is:

let it go

So anyways, off I go to hopefully craft some indoor items and sit back and wait to sell my bird dresser that I adore.  Thanks for stopping in everyone! Would love to hear your comments, feedbacks, or get a like or two! That’s always encouraging!! 🙂



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