Journey…..Continuation :)

Hello World! I feel like I have been under a rock the past few weeks.  Between work and home, things have been a little hectic!!! So, what’s new? Let’s see….

The weather is finally breaking here in Michigan, so that means, painting time outdoors!! YES!!!!!!  My Mom will also soon be up for a summer stay!!  Another…..YES!!!

I sold one of my pieces my Mom and I made last summer on Craigslist. I took two different pictures of this piece to show its versatility.  Check it out!

Coffee Barlight-teal-dresser-piece

I really wanted to move it, so I had it listed for $50. Not bad. I got this piece for free that one of my fellow neighbors was getting rid of! The woman who bought it negotiated down to $40 since she ended up having to repaint it to match her bedroom decor. Oh well, total profit $35 for about an hour of work I enjoyed doing!! 🙂  I will take it!

I have been going back and forth on how to price out my pieces. I have decided I want to make them affordable. I look at myself and know I love a good deal! My pieces are a want first, necessity second. Since I am starting out of my home and costs are low, I want to keep my prices low. I want everyone to be able to afford my pieces. So that is that.  Some pieces I may have higher than others depending on if I want to give them up or not :)… For instance I have my bird dresser on this site still for sale. It is priced a bit high, at $299, but I don’t think I am ready to give it up yet :).

I also think I am still going to utilize Craigslist as a selling means for now. Facebook is great for sharing ideas, getting your name and the word out, but I haven’t had so much luck selling on there yet.  I will continue to update my page (with my Mama’s help) & work on my blog to keep an audience engaged :).

So what’s next? May 3, I have the free mirror giveaway in works! I will do another post to get more page likes. Here is a pic of the giveaway. Just like “Mama’s Mustard Seeds” page to enter to win! Check it out!

Birdie Mirror

Thanks for stopping by to read 🙂 Off to work I go!!! Stay Posted!  -Jessica 🙂


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