The Workings of a Stay at Home Mommy


Hello WordPress/Blogging world! I realize it has been quite some time since I wrote. My lasts posts were about my new venture in refinishing furniture all while juggling a full-time job, being a Mom, and Wife.  Times have sure changed since then! 🙂  For almost 2 months now I have earned a new position as “Stay At Home Mom”.  I have to say, at first it was so blissful, I had to pinch myself each day like, “I don’t have to go to work today?”.  It has been great! I have a one year old son at home with me during the day and my oldest boy is five and goes to Kindergarten all day.

Although it has been such a wonderful experience, and I’m not complaining, trust me! I know what it is like to juggle it all!  Just lately, it has been sinking in, I have nothing else going on for myself other than my family and home. Although I believe this is one of God’s most precious gifts, I find myself a little, shall I say, Lackluster? Before I had busy schedules, staff meetings, duties, a task list, a job that I earned a good living at.  I felt personally accomplished for the things I would do and the good worker that I was. I had a purpose, a set plan of what I was supposed to be doing each day. Now, my plan is of course to be the best Mom and Wife I can be, but what about me? I feels a bit selfish saying that, but what are my personal goals for myself? The furniture thing has been put on hold for now due to this cold weather. I paint right out of my garage but it is kind of hard to paint when the weather is getting cold. So what are my next steps? Here I am typing while my baby boy is taking his nap. Laundry is going, dishes are done, so it’s time for some goal setting and me time.  Maybe I can start blogging about what it is like to be home with the kids and connect with some other Moms out there.  I’m not sure, but I am hopeful!

For now, I am going to focus on  doing things that make my kids happy! Today I went on Pinterest and found a DIY sandbox for indoors to prepare for these upcoming cold months. I must be crazy, sand in the house? Oh well, the kids will have fun and what is another mess anyways?

Thanks to anyone who has read this! Please feel compelled to comment or reach out to me and share your thoughts, comments, etc. Have a great day!!!


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