Attention..Diy’ers..Moms..Crafters, Peeps!!

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Hello Everyone! It is great to sit down and write again! I have been quite busy with 2 boys being sick this wintery season!  I am still enjoying being at stay at home Mommy!! There hasn’t been too much creativity flowing except for what is for dinner and runny noses. Winter weather in Michigan is finally here and baby, it’s cold outside!!

I took a little time today to rework my Facebook page and gearing it more to a share zone versus just trying to sell stuff. Yes, making money is always good, but first and foremost I want to inspire and be inspired. I have a vision of making my page a place where other people can share their DIY projects, crafts, and ideas so we ALL can be inspired! Not just me saying, hey, look what I did! That is always fun, lol, but it is more fun when there are other fellow DIY’ers, Crafters, and people sharing  their ideas too!! Wouldn’t you agree?  Whether it is a piece of furniture you repurposed, a new recipe you tried on Pinterest that turned out great, a painting you made, a use for the trending essential oils, or even a good deal you spotted at a store!

So…. I invite you to inspire and be inspired!! Share anything here!! Feel Free!!

I will start to set things off!!! I recently been making my own face lotion and I am in love!  Here is the Pinterest Link: Homemade Facial Moisturizer.  I modified it a bit and used orange and tea tree essential oils. I did not have almond oil, so I used Vitamin E oil. I also replaced the shea butter with more coconut oil since I didn’t have that at home either! I whipped it up with my egg beaters, and OMG!! It’s amazing!! Bye-bye forever Oil of Olay!!

Please post your comments or ideas here on the blog or on my Facebook Page, Mama’s Mustard Seeds!! Thanks for stopping in and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to share!! -Jessica 🙂








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