My Oily Journey….:)

Hello All!! It’s been a while since my last post! I’m excited to share another venture of mine! Essential Oils!! I’m sure you have heard all the rage going on! I have been using essential oils for about a year now. I started off not knowing what the heck I was doing!!! I was saving pins on Pinterest, making scrubs, lotions, etc. I purchased my first oils from TJ Max, believe it or not! I was pretty impressed. I was using Coconut Oil mixed with Lemon & Tea Tree Essential oils for my Facial & Body Lotion. I also used it on my 2-year-old son and it has worked wonders for his Eczema. I really noticed a difference in my skin too!! It felt soooo much softer!!! It takes a bit to get used to Coconut oil..  A little goes a long way and it can feel a little greasy at first until your skin becomes more prone to absorption. It also has antibacterial properties so my skin was breaking out so much less!!!

I began using oils more and more to make Household Cleaners, Bug spray for my kids, etc. I was then introduced to Young Living’s Essential Oils by a good friend of mine from High School. OMG! I ended up ordering the starter kit and I AM IN LOVE!! What a difference between the TJ Max Oils and this stuff!! I have since then bagged up my non YL oils and have not used them since! Check out their site for more info on this amazing company: The starter kit comes with everything you need and more! A diffuser, 11 oils, sampler bottles for sharing, sample packets for sharing, a roller ball to add to the oils, 2 packets of this amazing antioxidant drink that tastes amazing!! It also comes with amazing resources, their product guide, and so much more!!

I have to say, my favorite oil so far is Thieves. You can clean with it and eat it!! What cleaner is safe to do that??! It has SOOOO many purposes! Being a DIY’er at heart, I love the fact that it is so universal!! I suffer from really bad allergies which leads to sinus infections and just feeling like poo!! I used thieves in my coffee by putting just one drop into my mug for two days in a row. I also made a thieves tea I found in the resource available on Facebook called “The Lemon Aid Library”. It contained thieves, lavender, and lemon essential oils. I swear after drinking this, all the yucky junk in my chest and throat started coming out and my congestion is gone!! I really believe in these oils! I am still diving into all of the possibilities of using this for medicinal purposes, but I am a strong believer in God’s medicine! I am so excited about this stuff, I can’t stop sharing and talking it about it! My hopes are to help other people use them in their personal ailments, reducing harsh chemical intake, and simply help others! From healing properties, beauty products, to daily household items, there is so much these oils can do for you and your family!! I did not buy my kit initially with the intent on selling them, but after I got my own kit I became interested in the business of sharing them with others to help them too. If you are interested in learning more, please feel to contact me via my Facebook Page, Mama’s Mustard Seeds or comment below. Or you can simply order your own kit by clicking this link here: Young Living/Jessica Baker/Mama’s Mustard Seeds

Thanks for taking the time to experience my journey along with me! -Jessica 🙂





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