Grocery Budget Diet-Week 1!! :)

Hello All!

This week I started my Grocery Budget Diet! My goal is to spend only $400 this month versus the $550/$600 I usually spend! The 4th put a little damper on my budget, but I made a few modifications that will hopefully save me money on my future purchases. I made my own laundry detergent and baby wash!! This saved me about $10 & it was fun doing it!

Instead of listing the grocery items I bought, I will list the meals I prepared for our two boys (2&6) & my husband and I. (There will be more than 7 meals listed since I do still (shamefully :() sometimes make separate meals for our 6-year-old. Don’t judge me! lol…I swear….he just doesn’t like food! 😦

Breakfast Meals:

Frozen pancakes, fruit salad, yogurt, poptarts, breakfast bars, cinnamon sugar toast, applesauce, banana pineapple smoothies, dinner leftovers, omelet, bacon, & hard-boiled eggs.


Homemade macaroni & cheese, Kraft macaroni & cheese, BLT sandwiches, peanut butter & jelly, tuna pasta salad, grilled cheese, chilli dogs,  & cheese quesadillas.


Sloppy joes, garden salad with grilled chicken, whopper-like turkey burgers, ribs & leftover tomato & mozz salad, brats & leftover tuna pasta salad, Buddy’s Pizza, & Panda Express ;)…we eat out dinner on Friday & Saturday 🙂 I try to boycott cooking these days :).


Starbucks espresso lattes, iced Tea, milk, bottled water, juice boxes, iced coffee, applesauce, yogurt, tomato & mozzarella salad, yogurt cucumber salad, fruit, 4th of July popsicles, lunchables, & 4th of July fruit parfaits.


Washing Soda, baking Soda, kleenex, diapers, lavender castile soap, & deodorant.

So this week I spent……………..

Hollywood Market- $17.99


Trader Joes-$63.56

Bed, Bath & Beyond: $9.59 (I used my 20% off coupon, of course;)


Total -$160.12

(I went over my $100 mark for this week, but a lot of the items I bought can carry over for meals for the next week.)

Thanks for taking this journey with me!!! If you have any ideas or grocery savings tips to share, please feel free! I would love your input!! 🙂








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